Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Or was it....

Hello Fabulous people!!!!

So now that the hype has died down a little bit, how about those Raven's eh?

Are you a Super bowl fan? Do you watch it for the teams or the commercials and half time show? Me personally I am a total football fan, however my team was not playing in the super bowl. That's neither here nor there, I like the Ravens and compared to the 9er's they were the underdog. I went for them for more of a sentimental and emotional reason more so than a statistic reason. I don't know if you all keep up with the players or not but earlier in the season there was a player that lost his brother, he was shot and killed early in the morning the day they had to play a game. The player went home to be with his family and later that evening came back to be with his other "family" (team). I thought it was so admirable. He said something along the lines of my brother would want me to be here so I am going to play my heart out for him, and with that the Raven's ended up winning that particular game. To see them in the Super bowl was the icing on the cake and I thought to myself if they win, all the hurt, all the pain, would be worth it. Playing the game and not letting your team down and playing in memory of your brother would make it all the better if even for a moment. They had someone looking over them as they played. I was very happy they won!! So that's why I picked the Ravens.

So did your team win? And what did you think of the commercials. Which one was your favorite? Which one was your least favorite? What did you think of the half time show?

So unfortunately I missed the first half of the game and the half time show. I kept up with the score through my phone, but after church I went on a mini road trip with a friend to Redlands California and we went to **DRUM ROLL PLEASE**
Famous Dave's  

I haven't been to this place since before I left Michigan over 5 years ago, so I couldn't pass this up. I am not really a BBQ fan so much but I know they have other food I can eat and I did. YUM-O!! Anywho I went there and caught some of the game on my friends father's phone (live) all you Verizon people that are into football know about this special app. Then on the drive home she played it on AM radio station so I could keep up with the game haha. She felt bad that she took me away from the Super Bowl knowing what a huge football fan I am. I thought that was sweet. However, when I got back home I heard there was a power outage after the halftime show. So I was able to catch the second half, I was so happy!! I missed some of the commercials but I did see a few I liked. 

This one I thought was funny and cute at the same time. I like the Doritos Commercials

Although I feel the Gangnam style dance is severely played out I thought this was kinda fun and uplifting

This one made me cry like a baby when I saw this. I was telling a co-worker about it yesterday and as I was telling her I burst into tears, told her I would pull it up so she could see it, so I pulled it up on my computer which has no sound to watch it to make sure it was the right one, so I watched it again with no sound and burst into tears, pulled it up again in our computer lab with speakers to show my co-worker and she and I both burst into tears LOL. I love this commercial and yes I know I am a sap

Okay your turn...answer the questions above, can't wait to see what you guys thought

SS <3


  1. I loved the beer commercial too while i didnt cry I totally had an awww moment. I really liked PSY pistacho commercial too it was funny. I hardly watched commercials I was waiting for halftime(which was a bit disappointed i know Bey can bring it) and then the game got good and i was hooked.

  2. The Jeep commercial totally made me ball my eyes out. I loved it.

    And Tide, oh tide got me good. It was laughs watching.

    :/ I don't even remember watching the doritos one. lol... ophs.