Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Most people post their outfit of the day photo but since I don't have one of those I give you my hair for the day....

I debuted my natural hair a few weeks ago right before my birthday and the next day I went and got my hair done. I have been rocking what's known as Kinky Twist and this is what I looked like a week ago Saturday celebrating my birthday by dancing and hanging with out great friends

I love my kinky twist a lot. I wear them or braids because it keeps my hair protected, keeps me from doing all kind of craziness to it as well. However, when I got these twists done, I changed the brand of hair that I used the last time I got them done and because of that the twist I started noticing my twist were unraveling and sliding out of my hair. I was not pleased so I went to my hair stylist and she tightened some of them up. Later (last week) I noticed some were even looser and still sliding out. So instead of complaining I decided to redo some of them myself. I still wasn't satisfied, my hair ended up looking like it was a 3 month hairstyle when it was barely a week old. So I decided to contact my hair stylist again and told her what was happening and she told me she would redo my entire head free of charge. YAY!!!! It's great to find honest people with great integrity. I have gone to her a few times and I recommend her to people a lot. She said it's good business, and that I paid my good money and I should get what I want and be happy and satisfied. Couldn't agree with her more :) so today I am going to go get my hair re-twisted. 

Meanwhile, I took the other twist out and decided to rock my natural hair for the day. And here it is my hair of the day :)

Have you ever experienced good Customer Service?? Share.....

Have a fabulous Tuesday Beauties....You deserve it

P.S. Thank you to all my new followers and subscribers I appreciate you all more than you know :)


Songstress <3

                                    Angie Stone

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It's Sunday so you know what that means. Its another addition of Sunday Social....Happy Day Lights Saving Time, hope you remembered to turn the clocks back :) ENJOY!!!!

What is currently on your wish list? I am in DESPERATE need of a Laptop, more skinny jeans, makeup, makeup brushes, and shoes of course :)
Share a new iphone, droid, ipad app you have recently discovered that we all need: I haven't recently discovered anything but my favorite app is my SongPop app. I am in love with that game

What is a new Fall TV show you have added to your DVR? I haven't checked out all the fall shows and I am kinda late on that but currently I am recording the Tia & Tamera show (love them since sister sister), Chicagolicious, Covert Affairs and Burn Notice is about to be added back.

Share your Social Media links for us to follow you on(pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc) Tell us which is your favorite and why? Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Klout FOLLOW ME!!

My favorite is....I don't really know, they are all addicting LOL Pinterest would keep me there for hours, I am always on FB and I am finding a new liking to Twitter. I love taking pictures and looking at others pictures so Instagram is a plus and Klout just tracks it all lol

What is a TV show or Movie or Song you could listen to or watch over and over and over and never get tired of…feel free to name one of each: TV show hmm I would say old ones like Sister Sister, Family Matters, Full House, Alf, those kinda shoes I could watch over and over lol. Movie, I LOVE movies so any movie I like I could just about watch it over and over and then I start quoting the words..yea that's pretty annoying lol. I don't have a favorite movie because I love so many, this one is a hard one to answer...music, well you guys already know I love any and everything music so for gospel/christian I could listen to The Anthem all day every day and He's Able, R&B I love anything 80's & 90's but my right now song I could have on repeat is Best thing I never had, Rap uhh I'm not the hugest rap fan but right now because it's football season and I am a die hard Steelers fan I could have Black and Yellow on repeat but I prefer the instrumental version, Alternative, If everyone cared..love this song or Scars, Country (for the record there's not much for me to pick from in this group since I am not a real country fan) Before He Cheats (classic LOL love this song..I sing it at karaoke sometimes). I think that takes care of the music hahaha
Well that's it hope you guys enjoy reading a little about my life :) Please share some of your favorite movies or music
Happy Sunday everyone!!
SS <3

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Since I missed my Thursday rant and rave and I was in the process of doing Friday Letters but that didn't work out either so I combined them instead lol....enjoy :)

Dear Jack in the Box, your Egg Nog Shake is DA BOMB!!!! OMG I am going to go broke buying them everyday. Ugh..thanks a lot for making something so yummy that's not only going to destroy my girlish figure but my bank account too. Appreciate it

Dear God, can you uhh fix the weather where it isn't changing day by day. The whole one minute its a 100 degrees to the next minute its 60 is not good for my health. Thank you!!

Dear cold....you can leave now!!!! Trust me you are NOT wanted. Thanks

Dear Day Lights Savings Time, thank you for going backwards, this means MORE SLEEP for me!! Love long nights and shorter days 

Dear Dating Life, you can go ahead and pick up at ANYTIME now....like anytime...no SERIOUSLY. Thanks

Dear Mexican taco shop, last weekend when I came from celebrating my birthday and doing a lot of dancing, I was really hungry and I stopped by your facility, I ordered 3 rolled tacos with cheese and sour cream ONLY and a carne asada taco again with cheese and sour cream ONLY, I even spoke it in Spanish for you to make sure you understood what I wanted..Queso y crema SOLO. So please explain to me why my rolled tacos had Guacamole and cheese, and my taco had Mexican salsa and no cheese, or sour cream. How did you mess that up? I'ma need you to get that together..thanks

Dear Ginger, you are my dog and I love you to death, but you are 7 almost 8 years old, there comes a time where you have to SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED!!!! My bed nor my laundry basket equal YOUR BED!!!! I have had you since you were barely walking and your bed around the same time. It makes no sense that I can count how many times you've slept in it on one hand. 

Dear Turkey Day, you're my favorite. I can't wait to cook, and eat and sleep all in the same hour. I love you

Dear Laptop, I still need you to hang in there. Just a few more weeks and you can kick the dust..Thanks

Dear lady that did my hair, it's not okay that you just did my hair a week ago and it looks like my twists have been in for 3 months. Ummm yea...that's an epic fail. But in that same breath it is okay that you are going to redo my hair and purchase the necessary items to complete this look free of charge to me. Thanks girl....

Alright that's it for me..How was your week?? Please share....

P.S. Have a safe and happy weekend. Remember to turn your clocks BACK this Sunday at 2:00 am!!

SS <3

It's so fun to see an old clip from Soul Train....Enjoy

Thursday, November 1, 2012


So today marks the first day of November, that means Day Lights Savings Time, Officially Fall, leaves are falling off the trees, some places are starting to get that white fluffy stuff that's foreign to us Southern Cali people, also known to the rest of the world as SNOW, my favorite holiday of the whole year, BLACK FRIDAY!! lol oh and my other favorite holiday THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!

I am in love with this holiday, thanksgiving to me means family, friends and other loved ones coming together, enjoying each others company, around delicious food and football. For me this holiday meant home cooked meals from my grandmother and my mom, it meant I got to see most of my family gathered around the table, laughing, joking, hugging, crying, and having a grand time together. It also meant no school and the next day after stuffing myself with Turkey I got to go shopping with my family for black Friday.  So much fun....my mom and I used to go to one of our local stores, and get matching pajamas, we would get different colors but they would match nonetheless. We would take them home along with everything else we purchased and wrap them and place them under the Christmas tree, come Christmas morning we would unwrap them and wear them that night, as we stayed up laughing, talking about our hopes and dreams and other fun things....God I miss those times.

I tried to keep the tradition alive by going shopping on black Friday but I have been unsuccessful, so this year I solemnly swear that I will be attending Black Friday regardless if I anyone comes with me or not. I will do this.....

Anyways Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I get to get down and dirty with my cooking skills, I get to invite people over while they do their house hopping and they get to taste my food and take some home. This has definitely been a tradition since I lost my mom and didn't really have a place to go to for Thanksgiving or wanted to go to since I didn't have my family around. As you all know I LOVE TO COOK!!!! It is relaxing to me and it's my way to "give back" if I can make a meal for a friend or loved one and they enjoy it my heart is overjoyed. It means the world to me. Here's a couple of pics of last years 2011 before and after Turkey YUM....

Those are vegetables around the turkey and fresh Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage inside the turkey along with my yummy concoction that keeps it nice moist and juicy
Fully cooked delicious, juicy turkey, in all its juices..Turkey this year will look very similar :)

That's a small preview of what's to come :) I am so excited and I cannot wait. Are you guys getting as hungry as I am??

What's your favorite part about the month of November?? Please share....

SS <3
P.S. I am going to be doing a "What I'm thankful for" post everyday this month via FB and probably Twitter please consider joining me in this. We should ALWAYS be thankful & grateful for something everyday but this is the month of thankfulness & gratefulness so lets display it :)

I'm really feeling this song right now..the lyrics are so on point. Hope you enjoy....


Lately I have been thinking a lot about people that have separated or broken up with their significant other. I am not sure what sparked this but I was intrigued. It seems to me that when a break up happens the man tends to get over it WAY faster than the woman. Do you agree?? Lets take a journey through my thoughts and some convos with some of my male friends and followers......

When you look at celebrities who break up, separate or get divorced it's almost inevitable that the man in that relationship has moved on to the next new hottie and appears to be so happy and in love. Take Jessie James for example, Sandra Bullocks' ex husband, he was quickly engaged to someone else weeks maybe even a couple of months after they separated. I'm not saying its all men that do this but it does seem a little more prominent in the male society to quickly move on.

So I took this question to some of my male friends and followers. 

Do you think men get over a breakup quicker than women? The answers were kinda split most of the males responded as it being difficult to answer that question because it depends on the male, and the breakup. All of the males did say that it is not that men get over it quicker it's that they use different coping mechanisms to get through it. However, one of my male friends stated that it could also be how a man is raised. It's a males "birthright" to be hard and not show any emotion. If hes been with someone for 10 years and breaks up with them or divorces them he is wired to show no emotion. He needs to suck it up and keep it moving. On to the next one.....

So if a man is able to move forward so quickly does that mean he never loved or cared for the woman? They all said no that does not mean that at all. Some of them even went so far as to say that most men are afraid to be alone so they move on so quickly so that they won't have to be alone. Another man said they will try to occupy themselves long enough to where the breakup doesn't even matter to them anymore. That man also said a lot of men do the "fake it to you make it" statement, it appears that they don't care or don't or didn't love that person but in actual reality they are hurt as well. I found that answer shocking. Shocking because a man actually admitted that....

How does a man heal from a relationship before moving on to the next one? Most of the guys answered this by saying everyone is different and their healing takes place differently. The general consensus was anywhere from 3 months and even one guy said a year. My jaw almost hit the floor. He said it depends on how long you were with that person and how much was invested in the relationship. Speaking of the length of the relationship one guy brought up that infamous rule. The length it takes to heal is half the time you were with that person, so if you were together for 10 years it should take you 5 to heal from the breakup. How do you guys feel about that? Is there any truth to that statement....

As for me I do find some truth in that last statement. When I went through my breakup/divorce I kept saying after year one I was healed but I wasn't and honestly four years later I can definitely say that NOW I am healed. And we were together for eight years. I never paid any attention to that rule before then. It holds some merit to me....

So readers chime in..what do you think about men moving on after a break up faster then women. Do you think it's true? Have you experienced this? Share your thoughts!!

SS <3