Saturday, November 3, 2012


Since I missed my Thursday rant and rave and I was in the process of doing Friday Letters but that didn't work out either so I combined them instead lol....enjoy :)

Dear Jack in the Box, your Egg Nog Shake is DA BOMB!!!! OMG I am going to go broke buying them everyday. Ugh..thanks a lot for making something so yummy that's not only going to destroy my girlish figure but my bank account too. Appreciate it

Dear God, can you uhh fix the weather where it isn't changing day by day. The whole one minute its a 100 degrees to the next minute its 60 is not good for my health. Thank you!!

Dear can leave now!!!! Trust me you are NOT wanted. Thanks

Dear Day Lights Savings Time, thank you for going backwards, this means MORE SLEEP for me!! Love long nights and shorter days 

Dear Dating Life, you can go ahead and pick up at ANYTIME SERIOUSLY. Thanks

Dear Mexican taco shop, last weekend when I came from celebrating my birthday and doing a lot of dancing, I was really hungry and I stopped by your facility, I ordered 3 rolled tacos with cheese and sour cream ONLY and a carne asada taco again with cheese and sour cream ONLY, I even spoke it in Spanish for you to make sure you understood what I wanted..Queso y crema SOLO. So please explain to me why my rolled tacos had Guacamole and cheese, and my taco had Mexican salsa and no cheese, or sour cream. How did you mess that up? I'ma need you to get that together..thanks

Dear Ginger, you are my dog and I love you to death, but you are 7 almost 8 years old, there comes a time where you have to SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED!!!! My bed nor my laundry basket equal YOUR BED!!!! I have had you since you were barely walking and your bed around the same time. It makes no sense that I can count how many times you've slept in it on one hand. 

Dear Turkey Day, you're my favorite. I can't wait to cook, and eat and sleep all in the same hour. I love you

Dear Laptop, I still need you to hang in there. Just a few more weeks and you can kick the dust..Thanks

Dear lady that did my hair, it's not okay that you just did my hair a week ago and it looks like my twists have been in for 3 months. Ummm yea...that's an epic fail. But in that same breath it is okay that you are going to redo my hair and purchase the necessary items to complete this look free of charge to me. Thanks girl....

Alright that's it for me..How was your week?? Please share....

P.S. Have a safe and happy weekend. Remember to turn your clocks BACK this Sunday at 2:00 am!!

SS <3

It's so fun to see an old clip from Soul Train....Enjoy


  1. Ughz our Mexican restaurant got an order wrong even when my husband told them in Spanish, so damn frustrating! I wish our weather would stay cold already - I hate 80-90 degree days!!!

    My week was sucky, hope yours was better!

  2. Your mexican restaurant needs to get on it. Lol. Especially since you spoke your order in Spanish! Lol

    So egg nog shake is good eh? I need to check it out... Maybe soon. Haha.

    We've had a busy week. I am so glad Halloween is over!!

    Ps feel better. I just got a cold and it sucks :(

  3. I might need to try the shakes, but if they're that addicting maybe it's better for my girlish figure to not... haha we'll see!

    That's great she's redoing your hair, some just wouldn't care!

    I hope the cold has left the building, and instead a great dating life will reside shortly! ;) Us married ladies need you to share your fun nights of dating and recklessness! lol

    And that mexican taco place needs to get it together! I hate when my order is wrong!!

    I can't wait to cook for Turkey day, I'm already preparing my lists and menu! ;)