Sunday, November 17, 2013


As you can tell by the title I've tried something and failed. If you know what manic panic is then you know I tried to color my hair. I took the leap of faith a while back at coloring my hair. I started with what I thought would be an Auburn color which ended up becoming a brown color. I was okay with that because I hadn't seen color in my hair in so long I didn't need such a drastic change.

Since then I have realized a few key points in coloring my hair with box dyes. Like number one, the developer really helps in processing the color to be what you want it to be or at least close to. Needless to say I have experienced my fair share of coloring my hair. Brown, Auburn, Red and now.....

Purple...yep purple. I know I know you might be thinking WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I will say the purple wasn't going to be a BRIGHT purple or neon purple, but I was going for noticeable. Not crazy. I slept on it for a LOOOONG time and finally decided to go to Sally's and purchase the manic panic. I had a picture of a Natural hair woman who had the same purple I wanted. I took my photo and headed in. I picked my color which was Ultra Violet and my color bowl and checked out. I couldn't wait to get home and try my new color. I decided to do a test section to make sure I liked the color and that it turned out the way I needed it to. 

Before I show you the results I would just like to inform you that I did have color already in my hair. It was a really bright red that faded into a blondish brown color. Here is a pic of what my hair looked like prior to me attempting the purple.

Again, it was already colored so I assumed that the purple would latch onto that and it would be alright. I would also like to say that Manic Panic is a Semi-Permanent which I don't know if it makes a difference but I thought I'd throw that in there. So here is my first attempt at my test section.

First of all when I dyed it my hair looked jet black. It wasn't until I grabbed my camera which has a flash that I even saw color. So needless to say I was NOT happy. This doesn't look anything like the color I was going for. I threw my hair in a ponytail and headed back up to Sally's once I arrived the clerk and the manager tried so very hard to convince me that my hair was purple and it looked great. -__- lies lies lies....anyways they also told me to try it again and this time add conditioner to make it lighten a few shades. I knew this trick and have heard of it a few times so I decided to try it. Back home I go, add my conditioner, add my color and wait another 45 minutes to an hour...even though the jar says 30 minutes I like to push the envelop sometimes.
Here are my results guessed it. No difference. 

HUGE EPIC FAIL......(I still love you Manic Panic but you're just not for me)
So I did what I knew I could do. I pulled out my trusty red and slapped it on. I think I am meant to be a red head anyways :) I love the color I just wanted to try something new. Loreal Execellence Hi-Color Hi-light for dark hair only and I get along so very well!!

My end result....LOVE
What do you guys think? Do you have any hair coloring horror stories....share with me

DISCLAIMER: I was not sent these products nor paid for this review. I paid for these products with my own money and the review and comments are of my own.

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