Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HAPPY 2013

Hello & Happy 2013 beautiful people,

I know we are 15 days into the new year and I am kinda late on the wishes but hey....better late than never right? 

So with that being said I thought I would write a post and just check in and see how everyone's new year has started off. Did you make resolutions? Have you kept them thus far? How did you bring in the new year? Do you have special family traditions you do?

As for me, I spent New Years Eve the same way I have done for the past 3 years, I go to church or what some may know as "Watch Night Service". It may seem boring to some but for me, I feel like I have started my year off right if I am in the house of the Lord. Okay, enough preaching :) usually I go home after service, stay up or wake up early, drive to my "family's" house and we have dinner. I say "family" because they aren't really my family, they are kind of like my adopted family. It is one of my dearest friends that I have known for quit some time before even moving to So-Cal, we met shortly after my mom passed, and we met online, when Myspace was poppin back in the day...ya'll remember that?? Well they had groups, like social groups and her and I were in one together, got to chatting and the rest is history. When I moved out here I lived about 40 minutes away from her and we finally met in person, it was like we were always sister, so she's my big sister and I am her little sister, I call her mom, mom and her dad, dad, I call her sister, sister and so on and so forth so they are like my adopted family. For about 4 or so years on and off I have been going up to Bellflower to eat at my other "sisters" house, but this year I missed out :( I didn't wake in time and some other things transpired but needless to say I felt a little left out. I was kind of sad because it is something I have done for the past 3 years consistently. 

However, another friend of mine told me she was making Gumbo and that I was invited over. She didn't know the traditions I do or anything like that, and since I missed my normal things I decided to head over there. I ate with her family and it was absolutely amazing. Delicious food, a little champagne to toast the New Year, a ton of laughs and just a great time. 

I never make resolutions because I ALWAYS break them so I got tired of talking about the same ol things. I am excited for this year and then again I am not, I have said the past 3 or so years that "this is MY year" and at the end of every year I look back and say that was foolishness it wasn't my year so this year I am done saying it. If it is it is and if it isn't it isn't. What does it mean to say this is my year? I would love to think I will experience financial freedom this year, I would be ecstatic to finally have my husband find me, I would overjoyed to have a child, I would be elated to finally be in the career I want to be in, etc. etc. Is that what constitutes it being "someones year"? Getting everything they want or hoped for? I don't know but I'm sick of saying it. We'll just have to see what's in store for me....

So enough about me, tell me how your New Years went and how things are shaping up for you. Excited about 2013?

Songstress <3

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  1. I'm with you no resolutions just going to enjoy the journey! In the case that great things come I hope I can pay it forward. I have enjoyed the true meaning of giving in 2012 and hope i'm blessed enough to continue to give in all possible ways (don't think nasty lol )Love ya girl!

  2. LOL Aye Amiga I didnt think nasty until you said dont think nasty lol. Love you too and thanks for the love & support :)

  3. hahha, I read Ruby's comment and cracked up at the don't think nasty part. LOL

    I don't have resolutions this year, just goals I want to achieve and they are pretty small, so I am pretty sure I will complete them. LOL

    As for you Miss. I think this is your year, because you have opened yourself to just letting things happen. When you do this, it is my opinion, that things happen. haaha... call me crazy but wait and see. :)


  4. Nice to meet you! Thank you visiting my blog. I'm with you on New Year's resolutions. :-)

  5. I don't do resolutions - I feel that if anyone wants to change they can do it any day at anytime :) I didn't realize you are so close to me! We eat in Bellflower a lot (Fronk's or Hambone's) Here's to a great 2013 for you XOXO