Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hey Lovely's

So I don't do Haul's per se however, I've always wanted to.

So I am gonna show you guys some of my favorite things I just got. 

Today at church I was blessed with a little gift basket from a friend, full of great things. Here's a peek at the gift basket.

I feel in love with this basket, great earrings, and my personal favorite, this beautiful sparkly fan. Also known to me as my "church fan" simply because I remember the older women at my church growing up always having those types of fans. 

Here are some photos of the earrings and a ring that I received as well.

After service, before lunch at Olive Garden. (YUM-O BTW) I stopped off at my local shoe store. I haven't been shopping in I don't know how long. Actually I should say I haven't purchased anything for myself in I don't know how long. I got these awesome wedges and I love the design. They look better on then in the picture but still I am so happy.

Along with the shoes of course I had to get a purse. Why? Because shoes and purses are my thing...smh I might need to seek additional help LOL

Then it was off to Wal-mart, I just needed to pick up some concealer to conceal these dark circles under my eyes, and I walked out with much more than I intended. Does that happen to anyone else when they go shopping?? Geez.....

Anyways, I saw this pretty pink lip-gloss and figured I would try it. It is from NYC. It is their new 8 hour wear City Proof Lip gloss, in the perpetually hot pink shade. Its kind of sticky which I am not a huge fan of. I like more of the glide and slide gloss. However, it is long lasting and I like the color. What do you guys think, how does it look on me??

That's all for this Haul. I hope this isn't the last :) So tell was your weekend? Did you do any shopping or getting anything? 

Thanks for allowing me to share my haul with you and thanks for stopping by 

SS <3


  1. cute haul. I love the lip color u know I be loving my self some make-up and nailpolish. I always go to stores and come out with more than i need horrible ugh hope you have an amazing week!

    1. Thank you Amiga! I hate when I go in for one thing & walk out with a whole shipping cart lol.