Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello Beautiful People,

Long time no see, I miss you all and I thank all my loyal people that check on me and keep up with me through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I wanted to give you guys a brief update about me and what I have been up to. I am still trying to work out a schedule that will allow me to blog more so that I may get some new material out to you guys. 

My blog is a mixture of so many different things, hair, fashion, beauty, cooking, traveling etc. and I want to showcase all of that as much as I can but I don't think I have a specific niche...or do I? 

Well anyways, long story short I have just recently started vlogging also known as Video Blogging. I have created my own personal YouTube account and I have a couple of videos posted all ready (Intro and a couple of hair tutorials). I have always wanted to do it, but for whatever reason was too nervous, scared or didn't think I was good enough, but when I went to The Craft of Blogging Workshop a few weekends ago I was so inspired. No better time like the present to get started so I got started :) I want my vlog to be an extension of my blog. I am definitely excited about this new journey and of course I hope I can maintain and be successful with it. 

So I ask you, do you guys have any tips for me? What do you think about Vlogging and would you want to see me do it? What type of topics would you like for me to discuss or would want to see me do? 

And, for you techy people or those of you that have AWESOME cameras, what type of camera would you recommend for me to do my videos? (I am looking for the more of the point and shoot kinda cameras, so I can take photos and do videos...a girls on a budget lol) 

It wouldn't let me post my introductory video so here is a part 2 of the hairstyle I did :) 

P.S. I welcome constructive criticism 

SS <3

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  1. Yay for videos!!! So excited you're back on talking to your public! You know you are awesome on camera! Love that your are sharing your hair journey and teaching us your tips and tricks for natural hair!