Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hi my lovelies,

I know it's been a LONG while since we last chatted. I have so much exciting news to share but that will come in a later post. Right now, I want to chat with you about Cross fit...the exercise.

So for the past 3 months I have been working out Monday-Saturday at 5 am except Saturday's I try to sleep in a little but I am usually at the gym by 10:30. Anyways, I have been very consistent, I have even had some people that came on board with me and wanted me to motivate and encourage them so that's what I did. I have several workout partners and we all meet to workout together. 

About 4 weeks ago my gym was offering a bootcamp class. Small, intimate class with about 8 of us. It was a one week free class and then ended up turning into 2 weeks. I was actually bamboozled into signing up for that class. I had no intention on taking a class just wanted to workout on the machines, do some free weights and a little circuit and that be that. But nope one of my friends/workout partner decided to sign me up. So I did it, I took the class and finished it. 

Before the class was over, my friend was telling me about a "Circuit" class that was being offered through her church, she said "I think I want to do it" I said...You should tell me how it is. A week later we started round 2 of the bootcamp class. While we were in class my friend proceeds to tell me how she "signed me up for the circuit class" WHAT???? Lady are you serious...I don't want to do a circuit class... Anyways, I asked her when she was going to tell me, she said "Tuesday"...the class started on Wednesday...SMH 

Fast forward to the first "circuit" class. I found out the class was outside, in the heat...thankfully it was by the water but still. IT'S HOT!! As I am in the middle of typing a Facebook status I find out that the "circuit" class I was at was actually a CROSS FIT CLASS!!!! OMG I think I died really quick and came back to life. Have you seen me?? I can't do Crossfit. Ugh...I was so annoyed. I finished the class. I think I died again but I did finish it. 

I went back despite not wanting to, I pushed myself to go. The second class....well lets just say I was defeated.

Check out my video below to see what I'm talking about, and check out the video below that to see how I was bamboozled into doing the "circuit" class.

Have you ever been bamboozled into doing something? Please share

Thank for your support 
SS <3

HOW I WAS BAMBOOZLED (It's further into the video but keep watching I promise its funny)

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  1. Ive missed your posts! I need to check out your youtube channel!!