Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi lovelies,

A few months ago, I was sitting at my desk, putting on my makeup, and my old boss recognized that I was pulling makeup out of a Target bag. She asked "where's your makeup bag" I said "I don't have one...I need to get one, DON'T JUDGE ME" we both laughed and she proceeded to tell me about this subscription company where I pay $10 a month and they send me a new makeup bag every month with a few products in it for me to try. 

A new makeup bag every month? You mean I don't have to carry around a Target, or Walmart or grocery bag anymore full of my makeup? (I know SUPER ghetto...DON'T JUDGE ME) I was so excited to hear about it. And my old boss even gave me some of the makeup bags she got. I was intrigued for sure.

I guess not that intrigued because, I didn't jump on it right away, it wasn't until July, I heard about the company again, I decided to check it out. I answered the questions they asked, signed up and was now an official ipsy subscriber. I couldn't wait for my August Glam Bag as they call it, and ladies and gentlemen here it is!!

How pretty is that? I was beyond excited to receive my glam bag. 
Here's all the goodies I had inside.
NYX - Rouge Cream Blush
Pixi - Lash Booster Mascara
Michael Todd - Charcoal & Jojoba facial scrub
Urban Decay - Anarchy lipstick
Pacifica Natural Skincare - BB cream...
Here's a close up of the lipstick (top) and blush(bottom lighter pink)

Needless to say...I'm sold. I loved everything I received and I was super excited.

Check out my reaction in my "It's Ipsy Time" YouTube video

Check out for more information and as always thank you for the love and support.



  1. I love love LOVE Ipsy. This is my third time with them. I can't wait for Septembers bag :)

  2. This seems like an awesome service. I don't wear makeup often but I know good brands and you got some good stuff. Thanks for sharing, Nic!!!

    1. LOL Melissa, thank you!! I am so excited about Ipsy I loved everything I received. I have never had Urban Decay before, actually I've never had any of those brands before so it was definitely a treat :)