Monday, September 17, 2012


So-Cal has had it's temperature setting on "hell" lately. The temperature has gotten up to 115 degrees where I live!! Some of you may be used to that but for us it is foreign. It's been so hot that when you do get a breeze it feels like someones hot breath is blowing all over you. Lets all say it together now: "EWWWWWWWWWWW" Yea my sentiments EXACTLY. It has been disastrous. 

Yesterday (Saturday) I was out at a festival, volunteering where we had ambulances on deck just in case something happened. (For those wondering on deck means standing About 5 people had passed out, or got sick within an hour of me being there. I can only imagine what that number was like when the festival ended. 

This is what the temperature was like between 8am-10am. 
And 109 degrees was the temp an hour late. And this doesn't even begin to touch the surface. It amazes me how hot it gets in certain parts of the city. Where I am from there was humidity so it would be 80 degrees but the humidity would make it feel like it was 180 degrees. I don't which one is worse, dry hot hair or air with moisture that's equally as hot.

I made it through and today (Sunday) wasn't that bad, it was in the 80's and the breeze was a lot cooler. I survived the over 100 degree weather some way some how. Can't wait to see what tomorrow (Monday) holds. 

How does one stay cool in weather like this? There's only so much water a person can drink, and cool compresses we can put on us. How do you guys stay cool during the hot summer months? (besides being in air conditioning) Post your comments below.

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  1. These are ideas that only really work when you're at home... but I found myself doing a lot of dishes this summer with cold water, and every now and then I'd draw a bath that would be about the same temperature as a pool and go sit in that for awhile.

  2. Nikkiana those are some great tips I am not a bath girl I love taking showers but if it'll cool me off on these ridiculously hot days I might just have to try it. Washing dishes in cool water is a new one I've never heard. I like that one too. Do you worry your dishes aren't clean enough though when you wash in cold vs hot or warm water? I think about things like that lol

  3. I cant even believe cali was that hot CRAZY! I think your best bet is to live in the shower. I was telling my parents the other day it sounds like cali is going thru earthquake season lol stay cool!

    1. LOL Ruby someone else said that too. They said when it gets like this we are probably about to have a big earthquake. Uh Oh...I don't know if I am ready for that. Although I probably will miss it like I did the big one a few Easters ago. It has cooled down some though so thank goodness for that.

  4. i love this post!!!!