Thursday, September 13, 2012

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN SONGSTRESS HAS ARRIVED think you can write and you want to be a blogger but you have no idea where to begin? 

Yep that was me and if I am honest (this is confessions of a songstress..right?) that still is me. I know I love to write and I know I have a lot to say but will anyone be interested in me? Well I took the step so lets see what happens. Either way I will have fun doing it. So lets take a trip and find out who this Songstress girl is.

I,Songstress hail from Detroit, MI and as a Twenty Something young lady I now reside in Sunny Southern California! Life has been interesting for me, it hasn't always been fun and it hasn't always been good, but it's my life. I have experienced the beauty of being pregnant, having a child and being married, however I have also experienced the trauma of losing that child, having my life/heart ripped from me and going through a divorce. Life as I knew it was over. I have had the joys of having a wonderful mother and being an only child, but I also have had the trauma of losing that wonderful mother at an early age, not having a father around consistently and the blessing I thought I had? Turned into being a curse of being an "only child". So now I'm all alone. No one in my corner, no one to fight for me, no one to talk to, lean on or cry to. So what do I do? Honestly, what would you do? Confession number two...I wanted to die, and I even attempted...why should I keep living when everything I have ever loved or cared about has been snatched from me? And believe me, even though this is bad, it's actually worse, but there is/was more to my life story that's just as bad if not worse, but these are the most recent and life changing things I chose to share. 

To get through traumatic things like I have been through you have to have a certain level of faith, a certain level of understanding that you were created for bigger, greater things. Those things that were taken from you? I turn that around and say those things that were given to me for a mere season, enriched, blessed, and encouraged my life for their season. They have now passed on (whether physically or emotionally) and now I have the choice to continue on and do what I have been called to do!!

So I choose to be a light, to encourage, to share, to be positive in the things that I do. I choose to invite you into my life, and go for the fun roller coaster ride and embark on new adventures with me. Lets go shopping, lets try the newest make up, toys and gadgets. Lets go on a date, a real date and see what the world has to offer. Lets watch and talk about some football and UFC. Lets step out of our comfort zone together and create some beautiful, and magical memories. Will you go for the ride with me? I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for reading,
Songstress (SS) <3


  1. I am so excited to be reading your blog. I can wait to learn more about you. I look forward to your growth!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! :)