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Hey good people I feel like it's been a while since I posted and for that I apologize. It's been a crazy few days with the move, the busted ankle and settling in. Anyways in all my chaos I managed to squeeze in my....wait for it....wait for it comes.....VERY FIRST LEGITIMATE DATE!!!!!!!!!! since the divorce. I've hung out with guys but not in that intimate date kind of way. I hadn't been asked out like that in quit some time. Okay...hold on...we're going on a ride.

So this guy and I met a little over a week ago. I happened to be hanging out with another guy friend, his wife and sister at the time as we were all supporting him. He was doing karaoke on our local military base. As I was sitting outside on the enclosed patio area where the karaoke was taking place, I happened to look up and there I saw the most gorgeous, tall, curly hair, light skinned, beautiful lips and sensual brown eyed man I have seen in a long time. I think to myself "Ohhh emmm geee (aka OMG) who is THAT?" He walks past me and smiles and I reciprocate. I watched him walk past and then continued to make a complete fool of myself at karaoke. CONFESSION ALERT: I can totally sing but I still like making a fool of myself singing and dancing at karaoke. Isn't that what its for? (smile)

As my friend began singing a familiar song I was singing from my seat, I look up at the perfect time and there he is again walking back past me. My friend jumps in front of him, puts the microphone in his face he sings a few notes of the song, dances a little and keeps walking. I erupt in laughter and screams cheering both he and my friend on. He continues to look at me, walks past and smiles. At this point I am intrigued. How do we get from smiles to conversation?

Where I was sitting I could see the parking lot and I could see him walk to his car. After about 5 minutes of him sitting in his car he ends up leaving. I decide to walk out onto the parking lot to see if I could see where he went. (At this time the middle school/high school games are about to come out. Soooo DON'T JUDGE ME) (smile). I see him waiting in line to drive off base, I look down at my phone for a second and look back up. Wait a minute, where did he go? I see the car that was in front of him, and the one that was behind him, but I don't see him....hmmm All of a sudden I say to myself "He turned back around" I ran back inside (see middle school game number one) I see him pull back into the parking lot, he parks in a different location, and I walk out again on my phone. To make it look real I call a friend and leave a message about how I am using her as a decoy (yep another middle school/ high school game) etc. BUT, in all fairness to me when I went back out the second time after he parked he was "pretending" to read something so he was playing games too. (huge smile) So I finish leaving my ridiculous message and as I start to walk back in I swallow my fear and pride and say "So are you gonna come back in and sing?" He drops his reading material and I walk to the passenger side of his car, and our conversation began. 

CONFESSION ALERT: I am a total observer so all of his car windows were down and I began to make my non-obvious scan across the car, looking for any signs of another woman or children. I don't mind the children but I sure as hell mind another female...just saying. As I scanned I got caught, he says "you see the stuffed animals I won?" I answered and then I noticed one was a blue dolphin. I love dolphins, and my favorite color is........yea you guessed it. BLUE!! so I ask "is that a dolphin?" He responds, I tell him how I love dolphins etc. He reaches back and hands me the dolphin, I smiled so hard as he said "Here a dolphin for a beautiful sexy woman, I want you to have it" *sigh* men still do have manners, and they are still pleasant. We exchanged numbers and we went on our merrily way. 

An hour or so later he texts me, we correspond through text for most of the evening then silence....I assumed he went to bed, even though it was 10pm at night. But he is in the military which mean early mornings, early nights. Anywho this is the guy from my previous blog "He's just not that into you....or is he?" He is scenario number 1. So after a long span of silence I heard from him, actually the same day I posted the previous blog, which is very coincidental, we talked some more, a little more consistent and during that time we somehow got on the topic of of my favorite things to do. I shared that with him, he shared a meal he would like and I told him I would cook it for him if he wanted me to. He agreed and set up the date. Monday between 12:30-1 I agreed. I arrived at his place after 2pm (DON'T JUDGE ME) when I saw him again I had another big smile on my face, he greeted me, gave me the most amazing hug, kissed me on my cheek, told me it was great to see me again and I looked beautiful (CHEESE). We went up to his place, he took me on a tour of his place, and we sat on the couch. He put on a movie, gave me an incredible foot massage, and we talked and watched the movie. 

4:30ish rolled around and it was time to head to the grocery store, I hadn't eaten all day so by that time it was definitely time to eat, so off to the grocery store we went, we shopped, laughed, talked and went back to his place. He did not open my car door, or the door for me at the grocery store, I sarcastically told him he was such a gentlemen and he did apologize and say that he used to be very chivalrist (that's the word he used..I love it I make up my own words all the time) but women before me messed that up. I can see that, men before him messed some things up to, however I do try not to compare. Anyways, I looked past it we went back up to his place, I changed clothes, (I had on a long maxi dress and wanted to change into something more comfortable to cook) and began to cook. He kinda just watched me, put on some music and danced around the house with me, it was fun, and we watched a little Monday Night Football as well. I ended up making baked bbq chicken, green beans, corn and homemade from scratch mac and cheese. His requested meal, we sat down and ate dinner, as I looked at him while he took his first bite I was nervous, and excited at the same time. CONFESSION ALERT: Cooking is another passion of mine. I love to cook but I do not do it often because I have no one to cook for :( it's boring cooking for yourself. I look at his face, I say to myself "he seems to be enjoying it" then he catches me staring, he smiles and says "you know this is amazing right?" I smile and proceed to eat, he gets up after about 5 minutes and grabs more food. My heart is overjoyed, he finishes his second plate of food and tells me "that was absolutely delicious, omg you can cook girl" I smile and say thank you, he invites me on the couch with the throw blanket over me we cuddle on the couch as he holds me and we watch another movie. 

I cannot tell you how AMAZING it felt to be held, to be wrapped in someones arms and nothing else, just laying in his arms feeling safe and secure. That might have just been the highlight of the evening for me. Never once did he try anything, he never tried to feel me up, rub on me, kiss me or anything, he just held my hand and we cuddled. That is something I am definitely NOT used to. These guys out here in So-Cal are vultures!! 

As always, all good things must come to an end, our day was over, our dinner was over, and our movie was over. He works early so it was time for me to go home. As I packed up my stuff he walked me down to my car, I put my stuff on the passenger side, and was in mid walk to the driver side, he stopped me, grabbed me and just held me. He hugged me so tight, it felt so good, I just breathed in and then exhaled. I felt safe, I felt comfortable, I felt good. He hugged me for a good 2-3mins and if you're just hugging for that amount of time it's a long time but I didn't care. I enjoyed being in his arms. He kissed me on my cheek (CONFESSION ALERT: this woulda been the perfect time to plant those beautiful lips on mine. Secretly I really really wanted him to) and then he finally let me go, told me to let him know when I made it home, and that was that.

As much as I enjoyed this guy, I know that we only have a short time. He is moving out of state in the beginning of November. That is the beautiful life of our wonderful military. Again, all good things must come to an end (sad face) but I will say, this was one of the best first dates I have been on. It was so chilled, and relaxed, I felt like I could be myself without all the first date facades, I felt comfortable, I felt respected and I didn't feel taken advantage of. That could be partly because he is a gentlemen and that could also mean he doesn't want to lead me on since he knows he is moving. We did make that known that neither of us wanted a long distance relationship so that was established in the beginning. Regardless the reason I felt respected and appreciated and that's definitely important. I feel like he felt like he could be himself around me as well, he was open, he was vulnerable and most men are not this way at all let alone the first date. He did openly admit to me that he turned around after he had left, and I got to hear his version of the whole meeting thing, which was fun and interesting for me to hear, and then he said "I probably shouldn't be telling you this" but I appreciated the fact that he did, there was no game being ran, he was genuinely interested and so much so he turned his car around to try to have that conversation. I even asked, why did you come back, he started blushing (omg he would kill me if he knew I said that) and said "because I was really interested in getting to know you, and I wanted to talk to you" I don't know, maybe I'm out of the loop but honestly I don't know many guys that would say that. Or be that open and honest and admit that. I could appreciate that in this guy. Inspite of him leaving soon I hope his "not wanting to be misleading" nature doesn't get in the way and we get to see each other again before he leaves. *Sigh* all good things must come to an end....

QUESTION OF THE DAY: If you are married, engaged or with someone can you remember your first date? How was it, how did it make you feel, what did you do? Please post comments below and share share share :)

SS <3

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  1. girlllllllll i say enjoy ur short time such is military love!