Thursday, September 27, 2012


Since we were last on the topic of dating, I was reading an article today about the 8 money habits you shouldn't be cool with when it comes to dating and one of those habits was "Going Dutch". Here those wheels go a turnin again.

In the year 2012 is it considered politically correct to go dutch? Chivalry is dead, guys just don't care anymore, and girls are at the same place of just not caring anymore. What happened to chivalry, what happened to a guy asking a girl out on a date, opening her door, pulling her chair out, paying for dinner etc. We live in a world where women want to be considered as equals with a man but then we get pissed when he won't open the door for us. How did we get so far off course?

I personally enjoy the chivalry, I love when a man opens my door and allows me to walk through, I love when a man walks on the outside of the street to make sure I am safe, I love when a man pays for dinner and a movie. Maybe I still live in the 50's somewhere but I don't necessarily think we should give up on it.

At the same time, this whole going dutch thing...I'm okay with it to a certain degree. I feel like its not okay to go dutch ALL THE DANG TIME, I don't think it's okay to go dutch when the person you are dating has asked YOU out. I don't think it's necessarily okay to go dutch when you're on the first, second, third or fourth date (smile) I'm not sure when I think it's okay haha. I appreciate a good, hard working man, just as much as I myself love to be a good hard working woman. I have no problem treating someone. If I invite you out to lunch, or ice cream I have no problem covering the bill. If the guy wanted to pay instead I might have a problem with that, only because I wouldn't want him to feel as if he always had to pay every time we went out. I am about compromise, the whole I get the movie you get dinner thing I'm cool with. But I also get that every now and then a girl wants to be treated for dinner, or a movie or whatever the date will be. 

Question of the day: How do you feel about "Going Dutch" are you into it, why or why not and lets hear an example of you going dutch and how it turned out??

SS <3

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  1. When we are dating and it's early stages... call me old fashioned but he's got to pay. Now, if we're just friends and I asked someone out to eat, I'll pay. I asked, it's my responsibility. You ask, you better be paying. I will only go dutch if it's agreed on before hand.

    1. I completely agree. If I ask you out after we have established a connection, been on a couple of dates etc then yea I will pay. I am totally old fashion I feel you on that one. I believe hardcore in chivalry.

  2. I completely agree with Becky! I think he's got to pay! It totally changes after mariage if you share accounts and all! Now it is just out of our account and he is the one ot dig out his wallet! I leave mine in my purse and sometimes only carry my drivers liscense and a debit card just in case!

    PS Visiting from SITS!

    1. Thank you Simone for visiting me :) I really appreciate it. As for your comment I completely agree. I think I will start doing that, just taking my ID and debit card lol thats such a smart smart idea. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I agree with you about the whole chivalry process. Frankly, I'm the type of woman that makes a guy work before he can get any kind of loving. The whole dutch thing seems like a friends with benefits kind of relationship. But the only time I think Dutch is acceptable is after marriage lol (I may be being a bit extreme lol). But even after marriage I would like to be treated like a queen every once in a while.

    Happy Saturday! -from your fellow SITS girl @SheldaRaymonvil

  4. Chivalry is a wonderful thing. My dad bought us up to expect a man to treat us like we are something precious and wonderful. I think that is why we all chose wonderful husbands :)

  5. Well, my husband is an old-fashioned kinda guy - he would never let me pay when we were dating, like, ever. Occasionally, I'd manage to pull of a stealth ninja move and get the bill before he does, but I'll find like a 50 dollar bill in my purse or pocket later. :) Chivalry is not dead and shouldn't be!

    Stopping by from SITS Sharefest.