Monday, October 15, 2012


So if you looked at the calendar recently you have realized that Halloween is just around the corner. Oh my what to do what to do? Jump up and get out and have some fun but before you do that lets go on "What shall we do for Halloween" ride....

If you like to go all out for Halloween then, start by going to your local Target or Walmart and grab some decorations. If you are going for the super scary look check out your local dollar store as well for some decorations. These places are an inexpensive way to decorate your house, apartment, condo or townhouse. 

If decorating isn't your thing but costomes are, well again check out your local Walmart, or Target for awesome costumes. You can get anything from a doctor, to the ugliest scariest gremlin and everything in between. If you are looking for a store that's dedicated to just Halloween things try your local Halloween USA store. They pop up everywhere around the country this time of year. You are bound to find yourself, your friends, significant other, your kids and even your animals a costume. Its a great fun store to visit. 

In SoCal? Check out great things to do for Halloween

If you have kids, you can do arts and crafts with your kiddos. Carving pumpkins, making your own decorations etc. or if staying home isn't fun enough, they can dress up and go to their local amusement park for their scream adventure. Here in California we have Disneyland, Sea World, and Six Flags etc. you can take the kids to. If you are looking for less lines and less crowds try haunted hay rides, haunted houses for the older kids, trick or treating at your local malls, and stores, local church events often do things to keep the kids safe and allow them to have a good time as well. 

So what do YOU do after you get your place decorated, and your awesomely fabulous costume and the kids have done all their fun? Well, for us adults there's plenty out here for us to do as well. Your local clubs and bars usually have a Costume Party Night and usually best costume wins a prize. Check your local bars and clubs for more information. If you LOVE Haunted Houses then you might want to check out this awesome list of Haunted Houses, Hayrides, Trails and Hotels from last year. Did your city make the list?

If going out isn't feasible with gas prices being as high as they are.(I TOTALLY can identify with that reason) How about a lower cost at home Halloween Costume Party? Grab some inexpensive decorations or if you are crafty enough make them at home, grab some chips and dip or make your favorite dish, send a Facebook invite to your friends and tell them it's potluck style (that's a great way to keep the cost down). You can also use Google to look up some great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to go with your Halloween theme. Drinks that have "eyeballs" floating in them or "Spider legs" etc. How fun would that be??

If you're in California here is a list of fun things to do in your area.

I hope this gives you some good ideas on how to have a thrillin' Halloween. I can't wait to hear all about the fun and exciting things you guys are doing and will do.

SS <3

Share some things you have done in the past for Halloween!!!!


  1. We're a bit late on the Halloween preparation this year! I think I'll be home with the little ones while the older ones go trick or treating and we will pass out candy. We also have a season pass for 2013 for Six Flags and we get in for free the rest of this year too, so we may go to their Fright Fest event. I love the Dollar store for holiday decorating, sometimes they have some great items for only a buck!

  2. Me singing " thhhhhrilleeeer, thriller nights!" great tips too!

  3. Thrillaaaa! lol love that song forever!
    thanks for the list of things to do!

  4. I am so down for a halloween party! I want to dress up this year so I think we are making it a family affair! I'm excited!

  5. I am so on board with your list. I just love Halloween!!! Perfect excuse to get dressed up and eat candy

  6. Great ideas. I'm not into decorating my house for the holidays - not really sure why. But I think I might hit the dollar store and see what I can find. As for costume, I srsly haven't even thought of it. Idk what my plans are this Halloween and I'm kinda bummed about it. Talking to the hubby about this first thing tomorrow morning LOL!!

    P.s. You didn't say what your plans are this Halloween ;]

    1. Haha I honestly don't do the whole Halloween thing. Besides my birthday is the 25th so I focus more on that LOL. Screw Halloween I'm celebrating ME BABY!!!! hahaha

      Let me know what you guys end up doing for Halloween!!