Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello lovely people, I hope you all are well. I decided to do my first installment of a rant and rave. Sometime's you need a place to vent and rant about stuff and sometimes you need a place to rave and get excited about stuff goes


#10 Dear God, can you please turn the heat down a smidge in So-Cal it is October ya know? 100 degrees is a little unheard of. Thanks sir (I wrote this yesterday in preparation for today and I guess He heard me because its super cloudy and like 60 degrees LOL)

#9 is not a bright idea for you to tell me to send my battery from my phone into you, have you test it then send me another one. Did you miss the part where I said I NEED MY PHONE? How about you come up with a more feasible option and just send me a replacement battery for my phone and I will send you this crappy busted, swollen battery back. Trust me I don't want to keep it.

#8 Hey Market Pantry Target brand you...why must your Gummi Bears be soooooo good. It makes no sense that I have eaten a 1 pound bag in less than a week. Ugh..I am so ashamed, this is NOT good for my girlish figure

#7 Yo kids...its NOT cool to walk in the middle of the street when cars are coming. Getting hit by a car is not fun. By the way did you hear they made these nifty things called SIDEWALKS so you can WALK on them?? USE IT

#6 Speaking of sidewalks, in California they have what's called a bike lanes. Which means bikes like the ones with the pedals can be in the street with cars. NOT COOL California NOT COOL. Why? Because the bikers think they have run of the road, they are all over the place, people slamming on breaks, blowing horns ugh its unnecessary mayhem. Where I'm from we road our bikes on the sidewalk. Just sayin....

#5 Last week we had a little bit of drizzle, do you know within the first hour of the drizzle (mind you not full on rain, or if it was it wasn't constant) there were over 100 accidents. WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR?? OMG So-Cal SERIOUSLY? Get it together..I won't drive on the road because of you crazy people, I come from a place where we drove on snow, rain, sleet, BLACK ICE and everything in between. You people freak out over drizzle? So here's my logic on this never rains in Southern California..remember that song? Well for the most part its true, so when we do get rain you have to think their is oil, debris and other mess on the ground so when it rains, the ground is SLIPPERY so you can't drive 100 mph like you normally would when the ground is dry. Why? BECAUSE IT'S SLIPPERY....

#4 Dear ancient, old, decrepit laptop....I just need you to hold on for one more month okay? Please stop freezing, shutting off, freezing, playing videos like they are chopped and screwed, freezing, shutting off, making weird noises, freezing, shutting off, starting over, bringing up random windows all on your own, freezing, shutting off, the mouse moving all by itself and going haywire, oh and did I mention FREEZING & SHUTTING OFF?? Yea...hold on just a while longer please..thanks

#3 Hey Cleveland bus driver....although I found the video to be disturbingly funny I do NOT condone you uppercutting a woman on your bus. I think people were outraged because they assumed she was a teenage girl, however upon further inspection they found out she was actually 25 years old, still you shouldn't have punched her in the face, although I know she deserved it!!

#2 To the woman that decided to start an organization but didn't do her homework..epic fail on you. Don't make empty promises and prey on weak women. That's not cool. It's important to build up women, edify them, and build unity and sisterhood...right? This is what you organization is about right? If we are building women up and screaming about sisterhood, then if one makes a mistake or falls away it is your job as a leader to reach out to that person, and the job of the attendees to reach out to their so called "sister" right? I mean it's only common sense, but a friend once told me. "Sense ain't always common." So sad...

#1 To the complete moron that got their drivers license out of the dumpster, you merge with traffic onto the freeway. You don't start coming over on someone when they are RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!!! And you don't keep coming when they are blowing their horn at you, as to wake you up so you can get your head out of your ass and realize you are about the cause an accident!!!! OHHH EMMM GEEE (yea this one was personal...sorry)


#10 I am starting to feel like a blogger now

#9 I love writing and I love that people actually want to hear what I have to say

#8 I am FINALLY going to show pictures of my hair...Yes my REAL, NATURAL, GROWN OUT OF MY HEAD HAIR!!!! Not a lot of people have seen it because I keep it braided or twisted or whatever and people are asking so I will debut my hair in a couple of days. Before I go get it done again :)

#7 I feel like more opportunities are about to unfold in my lap and I am excited to see what happens next.

#6 It's almost THANKSGIVING!!!! I personally LOVE Turkey Day, it is my favorite Holiday to cook for. It is my day where I go alllllll out. From the turkey to the dessert I make from scratch....mostly

#5 With Thanksgiving that also means my other favorite day and that is BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Its always been a tradition between my mother and I and sometimes my aunt and grandma to go to the black Friday sales. I have yet to go to the Black Friday Sales out here, every time I decide to go with someone, they always end up bailing so this year, there's no excuses I am going even if I have to go by myself and I will take lots of pictures and blog about it. I'm getting a new laptop for sure, and I think I am going to get a keyboard. I want to start learning how to play again, maybe it'll motivate me to start writing songs?? Hmmm we'll see....

#4 I scored a great deal on some skinny jeans that were supposed to be on sale for $37 bucks but the lady rang me up and gave them to me for about $20 bucks and we got to talking about my BLOG!!!! And now she's a follower. LOVE IT. Shout Out to Dulce :) also I scored a dress that I saw online yesterday, on sale for $27 bucks which was an awesome steal to me but I went back online yesterday to show a friend the dress and the price had dropped to....wait for it......$13.99 S-C-O-R-E!!!! Needless to say that dress is on it's way to my closet.....

#3 It's my...........................BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

#2 It's still my............................... BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

#1 My birthday is a week from today which means its my..............BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SS <3

Do you have any rants or raves for the week?? Please share


  1. i have many rants and maybe one rave. i'm so tired i can't list them lol

  2. Yay on going natural! I hear that's a big thing! Can't wait to see your beautiful hair :)

    I completely understand you on the so cal drizzle front. :)

    1. LOL Melissa I am already what they call "Natural" I just have yet to wear my hair out. I usually do braids with extensions or twisty's. That's how I ALWAYS wear my hair. I'm actually going to take my twist out, wash my hair and take a picture of my real hair and show the world. Then I'm going the next day to get it back braided again LOL

  3. I love this! First- cali people don't do rain hence the 100 accidents in an hour lol but in my cali peoples defense the county you are in is known as MILITARY COUNTY because of its naval base therefore i believe its those people who come to be with their significant others that don't know how to drive lol
    Second that video of the bus was sad but yes very funny sad because altho i dont condone men hitting women i dont condone double standards and this lady was way out of line 1st for being disrespectful to a public transportation worker SHE DIDNT HAVE TO GET ON THAT BUS and 2 SHE SPIT ON HIM AND HIT HIM. I know he should have kept his mouth shut and his hands to himself THEY WERE BOTH WRONG she should be punished too if hes losing his job which FYI he was with the company for 22 years ITS A SHAME rant over! lol AND LASTLY HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! :)

    1. LOL about ya'll Cali drivers hahaha. Totally true about the bus driver and the girl. They definitely were both wrong. I knew he was the company a long time you could just tell. I'm sure he was close to retirement and now all of that might be gone because of this incident. So sad...


  4. I love this!
    Ok, so I'm noticing maybe you're not a California native... I'm new around here so if you mentioned it somewhere I probably haven't seen it. Where are you from?
    Happy Birthday month!!
    It is was too hot, I'm in Northern California just outside of the bay area and it's been in the upper 90's. I WISH it had cooled down today!
    And congrats on scoring some great deals! I love that!
    And I look forward to seeing your natural hair, I still have issues with my 3 year old and his hair, he has like 3 or 4 textures going on. My husband wants to shave it, but I think I would cry. But I seriously have a love/hate relationship with his hair! Maybe I can learn some tips from you! :)

    1. Dawn I am born and raised in Michigan, I celebrate my 5th year anniversary of living in Southern California December this year.

      I LOVE great deals I am so happy I found them.

      I'm excited to display my hair to the world. I'm nervous but definitely excited. No one has really seen my hair outside of me and the person that is doing it lol. So we'll see how this works :)